We believe in the ideal society, in which an inclusive city is created by and for the people themselves: the city network.

The knowledge and experience of the residents, organisations and companies present in the city are invaluable. We believe they should be employed to solve the important urban issues around energy, climate, and sustainability.

We bring together governments, project initiators and stakeholders to make this happen. Through CrowdCreation we offer the tools to the city network allowing them to engage in and offer ideas for plans and initiatives in their surroundings. We facilitate, guide and advise governments and project initiators on the area of public participation.

By employing CrowdCreation ideas of the users of public space will become visible and known, linking together residents, initiators and governments. This will start the conversation on how we can create the sustainable future together!

Environmental Act

In The Netherlands, the new Environmental Act of 2021 will cause substantial changes in civic developments. Participation will become a crucial aspect of this Act, as it requests project initiators to be more transparent and more intensive in their collaboration with the stakeholders.

When submitting for a development permit, they must prove to the government that they have involved the residents, organizations and companies.

Even in countries without this Act, a project executed taking into account the wishes and requests of stakeholders will result in greater success.


CrowdCreation allows the early and active involvement of residents, organizations and companies with local initiatives and offers the space to propose your own ideas. We facilitate and stimulate collaboration between governments, project initiators and stakeholders in the development of a comfortable living environment.
Residents, organizations and companies
We offer you a clear, interactive platform on which local developments and initiatives are shown understandably and up-to-date. In this way you will always have access to the latest information about projects in your area. In addition you can also see what a project’s impact will be on your surroundings.

CrowdCreation provides you the opportunity to easily decide and give opinions on initiatives. We challenge you to provide ideas of your own. All information you provide will be used and considered within a project, and the decisions made on these will be shared.

We also organize trainings that allows you to get familiar with the complexities and issues that occur within Environmental Act.
Initiators, developers and investors
We guide and help you through training and tools to shape public participation. ,br>
Engaging stakeholders by employing the right tools at the right time will allow you to optimally implement the project within the surrounds, reducing risks on delays and budget overruns.

CrowdCreation can be employed for any project at any stage. It will inform stakeholders with visualizations and clear language of your project and intentions. It is flexible in its setup, in which we assist to select and implement the best fitting participation tools. In addition, CrowdCreation can be used to provide stakeholders with the latest updates, including individual engagement, regarding the project.
Besides the new Environmental Act, more involvement is requested generally. Residents, organizations and companies want to be involved more and more.

The task of public participation will change from municipalities to initiators, however, governments still require to check legal requirements. Governments will have to consider the type and amount of public engagement for different projects.

CrowdCreation helps you understand this changing role through training, advice and tools. Through the interactive tool you will be able to clearly visualize the amount and type of participation executed by initiators. You can use CrowdCreation to engage stakeholders in providing new ideas from the city network. Through the tool you will get data and information from residents, organizations and companies and their view on their surroundings.


Residents often feel like they are excluded from planning, initiators and developments in their own neighborhood. The only way these stakeholders are informed are by means of information evenings, mail or local newspaper.

Not all residents know what is discussed at information evenings, what means they have to make their voice heard, or what impact a specific plan will have to them personally. One of the main reasons is the use of technical slang in documentation and presentations, leaving the stakeholders confused or ill-informed.


The CrowdCreation platform is an adaptable online environment for residents, organizations, companies, project initiators and governments. Plans, initiatives and projects in a neighborhood or city, plus their impacts, are displayed understandably and with visual aids.

The tool can be adjusted to a specific project and project phase. It is developed through co-creation processes to determine and develop the right public participation tools for the right project. It can also offer the capability for residents, organizations and companies to submit their own ideas and initiatives.

Feel free to look at our demo.
By providing residents, organizations and companies with the right knowledge and tools, they can engage on equal level about projects and initiatives with project initiators, governments and stakeholders.

We offer guidance to residents, organizations, companies, project initiators and governments with trainings and expert advice to successfully employ public participation and to prepare for the new Environmental Act.


CrowdCreation is a multidisciplinary team consisting of five young, enthusiast Arcadis engineers. Since January 2018 we’ve worked on the public participation question ‘How can we actively involve the right reflection of society through the sharing of their thoughts and opinions, ensuring that the ideal neighborhood for all involved is developed?’.
Joost Kuckartz
Joost Kuckartz

Team leader

Michiel Goossensen
Michiel Goossensen


Liselotte Hoogewerf
Liselotte Hoogewerf


Zhihao Wu
Zhihao Wu

Data analyst

Quin Lee Ali Hoesein
Quin Lee Ali Hoesein

Product development


CrowdCreation is an initiative of Arcadis. In the spirit of co-creation, we develop the tool together in collaboration with project initiators and governments. This will shape the perfect CrowdCreation: by and for stakeholders, to answer the right question the right way.

To obtain more information you can contact one of the team members directly or through one of the many available other options.
Piet Mondriaanlaan 26 Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Email: contact@crowdcreation.net Telephone: +31 6 5117 4245

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