A team of five young engineers have focused on a more simple and effective way for citizen participation. The result: our team is nominated for the finals of the Doe & Durf (Do & Dare) Challenge, organized by branch organisation NLIngenieurs. The goal of this challenge is to publicly demonstrate what engineers can offer to society.

Our team is currently working on “CrowdCreation”, a tool facilitating citizen participation in projects. Citizens are able to obtain information easily, and decide on projects. The platform offers citizens to give their opinions and vision. Project developers are able to obtain input as required by the Environmental Act. Depending on the initiative and its current phase, citizens can voice their opinion in different ways. As an example (see image) we will visually highlight sustainability aspects in the ambition web.

A platform like this will be beneficial for everybody: developers collect information and the wishes of stakeholders, to act upon. Citizens will be able to quickly find information through a simple and clear platform, while easily share their input with developers. As such, a dialogue will develop and real co-creation can start.

Prototype concept tool CrowdCreation as it could look like on an iPad.